Over time, I’ll be adding bonus material to this site, including a short story from the world of the Darkness Trilogy, a deleted scene from Welcome to the Darkness, and other interesting tidbits. So stay tuned!

Deleted Scene: An alternate beginning

Check out my blog post Alternate Beginnings to read a different version of the beginning of Welcome to the Darkness, the first book in the Darkness Trilogy. This is a scene that wasn’t there initially, then I added it, and then I deleted it!

Hunter Born: A short story companion to the Darkness Trilogy

Here’s a fun little bonus: a short story written in the world of the Darkness Trilogy. Technically, it’s a prequel as the events take place before the first book, Welcome to the Darkness. The short story can be read on its own, or if you’ve read any of the trilogy and you want to learn some background information about Trudy, one of the minor characters, and how she became a vampire hunter. Check it out! The best part is… it’s FREE.

Download your free copy of Hunter Born

An Author’s Notes

Take a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes process of writing a book – check out a sample of my handwritten notes!

Sample of my author notes

Guest Posts

Here are a few guest posts I’ve written for various web sites – check out the interesting mix of topics!

  1. My Journey to Becoming a Writer
  2. A Day in the Life of L. M. Justus
  3. A List of my Top 10 Favorite Vampire Movies
  4. Top 5 All-Time Favorite Vampires
  5. Interesting Trivia about Welcome to the Darkness


I participated in a number of interviews as part of my blog tour for Welcome to the Darkness and there was surprisingly little overlap between the various interviews. Here they are, and I hope you enjoy and maybe learn something interesting about me and the writing process behind the book.

  1. Interview with L. M. Justus
  2. Interview at Emma Michael’s blog
  3. Interview with the Bookish Owl
  4. Interview with Into the Land of Books
  5. Interview with A. Literary Mafia