Firstly, if we’re going to talk about a day in my regular life, please think of me as Lisa, not “L. M.” because no one refers to me by my initials except in terms of my writing. My everyday life is a lot less exciting than my books, but that’s probably a good thing. :)

July 19, 2013

6:30 AM: Wake up because there’s no curtain on my window and it’s very sunny out, even though I don’t need to get up until 8:00 AM.
8:00 AM: Get up, have breakfast, start packing lunches for my two youngest kids. Get husband to kill earwig, which has somehow gotten into son’s lunch bag even though it was zippered shut.
8:15 AM: Say goodbye to my husband as he heads out to work, and my son who is off to his last day of chess camp.
8:40 AM: Drive youngest daughter to her last day of Arts & Crafts camp.
9:20 AM: Arrive back home and discover oldest daughter has dug up an old rug-hooking project, but she can’t remember how to do it. Neither can I, but somehow we figure it out together.
9:30 AM: Go upstairs to check Twitter, but am hit with sudden bout of tears as it hasn’t escaped my attention that today is the 2-year anniversary of my best friend’s death from brain cancer.
9:45 AM: Pull myself together and start writing this guest post.
10:00 AM: Consider mowing lawn, but it’s already 39 degrees C (102 F) outside. Might be a good way to shed a couple of pounds though… hmmm.
10:01 AM: Also consider checking Goodreads to see if there’s any new ratings/reviews for my book, but if there’s bad news it might ruin my whole day. Then again, if there’s something good…
10:10 AM: Looked into booking a getaway for my 15th wedding anniversary with the best DH ever!
10:15 AM: Decide to mow lawn after all. Shed approximately 327 pounds in sweat.
11:30 AM: Cool off with quick swim, joined by oldest daughter.
11:45 AM: Start up batch of homemade chicken soup. Watch second half of Harry Potter with daughter.
1:00 PM: Finished watching first Harry Potter movie at long last! I might be the last person on the planet to have done so.
1:10 PM: Power nap. Read a bit of After Daybreak by J. A. London (an awesome vampire dystopia).
2:22 PM: Uh, oh. There are tornado warnings for my area. There are never tornado warnings around here. Look up “what to do if there’s a tornado” on the Internet.
3:40 PM: Pick up daughter from camp during torrential downpour. Used highest windshield wiper speed – I never use that! Van is nice and clean from Mother Nature’s car wash.
5:30 PM: Make dinner.
6:30 PM: Read some more.
8:30 PM: Start putting kids to bed.
9:30 PM: Watch Let The Right One In (a vampire movie, of course).
11:30 PM: Bedtime.

This guest post was originally featured here on Starry-eyed Heart’s Book Blog.