1. Hi Lisa! Is it alright if I call you Lisa? I’m Kayla and welcome to The Bookish Owl. Thank you for being here today!

Yes, of course you can call me Lisa! I answer to just about anything, including Lisa, Mrs. Justus, Mommy, and Hey You. Thank you so much for showcasing my book and taking the time for this interview.

2. First of all, have you always been fascinated by vampires and other supernatural creatures?

I think my fascination with the supernatural started when I was about thirteen or so. I read Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery and scared myself witless, but boy was it ever a great book. I also saw the movie Fright Night, which is kind of a silly film, but it sparked my interest in vampires.

3. The protagonist of Welcome to the Darkness, Reed, is a vampire who has the unique ability to walk in the sunlight. Do you prefer the traditional vampire or the kind of vampire in the Twilight series?

I like all vampires, traditional or otherwise! For the vampires in my book, I wanted them to look basically human. Reed definitely does not sparkle when he’s out in sunlight. I also wanted my vampires’ special abilities to at least potentially be explained scientifically. I ruled out things that could only be explained as magical in nature, like not having reflections or having to be invited in to enter a building, for example.

4. What are your thoughts on the battle between vampires and werewolves?
Well, there aren’t any werewolves in my books, but if there were, I guess my vampires would kick their furry little butts. ;)

5. Do you have any writing quirks? For example, you can’t write when the moon is full.

I can’t write with any music playing at all, not even classical music or relaxing stuff like Enya. If I’m interrupted for any reason, it takes me a good ten minutes to start writing again.

6. Did you have any difficulties getting your book published?

Yeah, it’s a lot harder to get a book traditionally published than I thought it would be. Unfortunately, the young adult vampire bandwagon that came along during the Twilight era is a very full bandwagon that also departed a couple of years ago. Most agents and publishers see a query letter with the word “vampire” in it and immediately chuck it into their slush pile.

7. It seems like everyone, whether you’re an author or a blogger or a reader or generally just a person, loves procrastinating! Me, I procrastinate by watching Youtube videos. How about you? How do you procrastinate?

I’m pretty good about getting things done efficiently, unless it’s packing for a trip; I leave that to the absolute last second. I do enjoy browsing the Internet for luxury vacation spots I’ll probably never be able to afford to visit. Oh, and Goodreads – I’m kind of obsessed with that site, but it’s about books and I love books, so…

Random Round: Be as weird and quirky as possible!

1. Fictional boyfriend: I have book character crushes on Will (from the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare) and Adrian (from the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead).
2. Best part about living in Canada: Ooh, there’s so many things, but I’m going to say it’s a tie between the multicultural diversity and the four very distinct seasons.
3. Milk tea or regular tea: Is “milk tea” just tea with milk in it? Anyway, neither! Coffee, coffee, coffee.
4. Least favorite book you were required to read in school: No contest, The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy. The entire first chapter was a description of a field. An author would never get away with that these days!
5. Complete the sentence: Santa Claus’ braided beard snaked unseen around the vampire, tightening suddenly, holding Mr. Claus’ foe immobile. “Ho ho ho,” Santa chuckled. “I have a few supernatural tricks of my own, Mr. Vampire.”

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