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Here we have it, the ebook cover for Embrace the Darkness (Darkness Trilogy Book Three), due out October 19, 2015. The cover art was created once again by the talented Derek Murphy of Creativindie Covers.

I’ve included the back cover blurb at the end of this post as well as a handy little button you can use to add Embrace the Darkness to your To-Read list on Goodreads.

Back Cover Blurb

A cure for vampirism is within Reed Hennessy’s grasp. According to legend, all he has to do is destroy the original vampire. If Reed is successful, every vampire on Earth will become human again, and he and his girlfriend, Sarah, can have the normal life they want.

If only it were that easy.

First, they have to find the original vampire, whose location is a centuries-old secret. Second, most vampires don’t want to give up their superior strength, speed, and longevity, so they’ll do anything to stop Reed.

With the help of their friend and mentor, Nathaniel, Sarah’s sister, and a trio of former vampire hunters, Reed and Sarah set off on their most dangerous journey yet. Reed faces a choice when he realizes the price he must pay for the cure: he can persevere with his quest or learn to embrace the darkness.

Embrace the Darkness (Darkness Trilogy, #3)

Here it is, the full cover for Darkness Reigns (Darkness Trilogy Book Two), due out June 16, 2014. The cover art was created once again by the talented Derek Murphy of Creativindie Covers.

I’ve included the back cover blurb at the end of this post as well as a handy little button you can use to add Darkness Reigns to your To-Read list on Goodreads. A big thank you to all the book bloggers who participated in the cover reveal – you guys rock!

Back Cover Blurb

New York City is a wasteland. More than eight million people are dead or worse…infected.

After their failed attempt to stop the spread of a virus that turns people into zombie-like, human-vampire hybrids, Reed Hennessy and his ragtag crew are scrambling to stay alive. To make matters worse, the human authorities are close to proving the existence of vampires and blaming them for the disaster in New York.

Their storm of trouble is already spinning out of control when an old enemy reappears to issue a challenge–an ultimatum that will mean certain death for at least one member of Reed’s group. With their mountain of problems growing exponentially and a host of enemies closing in, they flee for their lives, desperate for a miracle. Will they survive and avoid the world’s scrutiny, or will darkness prevail?

Darkness Reigns (Darkness Trilogy, #2)

Happy New Year! I was hoping to add links here for my short story as well as the second book in the Darkness Trilogy, but someone added my short story to Goodreads and didn’t do it correctly, so… I guess I won’t talk about the short story on Goodreads just yet.

Anyway, now that the new year is here, I have some dates and information about Darkness Reigns, book #2 of the Darkness Trilogy! The cover reveal is slated for March 17, and the official release and blog tour for June 16, 2014. I’ve added Darkness Reigns to Goodreads, so you can read the back cover blurb and add the book to your Want To Read list. I’ve made that super easy to do, just click the handy link below:

Darkness Reigns (Darkness Trilogy, #2)

Whether your books are traditionally published or self-published, it can be tricky getting them noticed amongst the millions of other books out there. On June 5th (which was six days ago as I’m writing this) I released my latest book cover into the world with the help of many amazing book bloggers. Giselle over at Xpresso Book Tours organized the cover reveal for me and I’m so pleased with the results!

I’m sure there’s lots of other reasons, but here are 5 reasons why I think book bloggers are awesome:

  1. They’re passionate about books in every genre imaginable.
  2. They help to promote authors without any compensation whatsoever.
  3. They create a sense of community world-wide with fellow book lovers.
  4. They help people find books they’ll love.
  5. They offer authors constructive criticism to improve their writing.

Not a single one of the book bloggers who featured my cover reveal knows me personally (yet), but they still signed up to help me out. So I’d like to say a special thank you to each and every one of the book bloggers listed below who featured my cover reveal on their sites. You guys are awesome!

Here it is, the cover of my YA paranormal fantasy novel Welcome to the Darkness (Darkness Trilogy Book One) due out Aug. 5, 2013. This fabulous cover art was created by Derek Murphy of Creativindie Covers. May I humbly suggest adding this book to your “To-Read” list using the Goodreads button at the top of this page?

A huge thank you to all the Bloggers out there who are featuring my cover reveal on their web sites today!

My first proof arrived on May 3rd, much to my delight. There were a couple of issues however, so now I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of proof #2. If it arrives as quickly as the last one, it will be in my hot little hands in two more days. One of the issues I discovered was the complete absence of all the hyphenation in the text of my book. It took me some time to figure out that’s what happens when you upload a Word document to Createspace. The solution was to convert my Word doc into a PDF, but of course that didn’t go smoothly. During the conversion to PDF, some blank pages were inserted at random which screwed up all of the margins and pagination. I ended up having to remove page breaks and replace them with lots of paragraph returns instead. How stupid. The other issue with the proof was that the cover came out much darker than the image was supposed to be; the back cover was so dark that all the awesome little details were obliterated and it just looked like white text on a plain black background. So… I massively lightened up the image in the hopes that when it gets printed out much darker than it’s supposed to be, it will end up being just right. Fingers crossed!

As for the cover reveal being organized for me by Xpresso Book Tours, the sign-ups are going on right now for the June 5th reveal date. If you want to check it out, here’s a link: Welcome to the Darkness cover reveal sign-up

The official date for the cover reveal of my YA paranormal fantasy novel Welcome to the Darkness is set for June 5, 2013. It will be featured on the Xpresso Reads site as well as other blogs that choose to participate. Mark your calendars!