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Here we have it, the ebook cover for Embrace the Darkness (Darkness Trilogy Book Three), due out October 19, 2015. The cover art was created once again by the talented Derek Murphy of Creativindie Covers.

I’ve included the back cover blurb at the end of this post as well as a handy little button you can use to add Embrace the Darkness to your To-Read list on Goodreads.

Back Cover Blurb

A cure for vampirism is within Reed Hennessy’s grasp. According to legend, all he has to do is destroy the original vampire. If Reed is successful, every vampire on Earth will become human again, and he and his girlfriend, Sarah, can have the normal life they want.

If only it were that easy.

First, they have to find the original vampire, whose location is a centuries-old secret. Second, most vampires don’t want to give up their superior strength, speed, and longevity, so they’ll do anything to stop Reed.

With the help of their friend and mentor, Nathaniel, Sarah’s sister, and a trio of former vampire hunters, Reed and Sarah set off on their most dangerous journey yet. Reed faces a choice when he realizes the price he must pay for the cure: he can persevere with his quest or learn to embrace the darkness.

Embrace the Darkness (Darkness Trilogy, #3)

Here it is, the full cover for Darkness Reigns (Darkness Trilogy Book Two), due out June 16, 2014. The cover art was created once again by the talented Derek Murphy of Creativindie Covers.

I’ve included the back cover blurb at the end of this post as well as a handy little button you can use to add Darkness Reigns to your To-Read list on Goodreads. A big thank you to all the book bloggers who participated in the cover reveal – you guys rock!

Back Cover Blurb

New York City is a wasteland. More than eight million people are dead or worse…infected.

After their failed attempt to stop the spread of a virus that turns people into zombie-like, human-vampire hybrids, Reed Hennessy and his ragtag crew are scrambling to stay alive. To make matters worse, the human authorities are close to proving the existence of vampires and blaming them for the disaster in New York.

Their storm of trouble is already spinning out of control when an old enemy reappears to issue a challenge–an ultimatum that will mean certain death for at least one member of Reed’s group. With their mountain of problems growing exponentially and a host of enemies closing in, they flee for their lives, desperate for a miracle. Will they survive and avoid the world’s scrutiny, or will darkness prevail?

Darkness Reigns (Darkness Trilogy, #2)

Darkness Reigns cover reveal
Sign-ups are now open for the Darkness Reigns cover reveal! If you’re a book blogger, I’d love for you to help showcase the cover for book two of the Darkness Trilogy. The reveal date is March 17, 2014 and you can sign up by stopping by the Xpresso Book Tours site using the link below:
Sign-up for the Darkness Reigns cover reveal

If you’re not a book blogger, then just mark March 17th on your calendar and check back here to see the cover once it’s revealed and help spread the word. The designer has come up with such amazing possibilities, the hardest part is going to be narrowing it down to one choice!

Here it is, the cover of my YA paranormal fantasy novel Welcome to the Darkness (Darkness Trilogy Book One) due out Aug. 5, 2013. This fabulous cover art was created by Derek Murphy of Creativindie Covers. May I humbly suggest adding this book to your “To-Read” list using the Goodreads button at the top of this page?

A huge thank you to all the Bloggers out there who are featuring my cover reveal on their web sites today!

I’ll admit I don’t have any statistics to back this up, but it looks like there are less guys reading in their spare time than gals. Particularly with the younger generation – at least within the circle of people I know – it seems relatively unlikely for a middle-grade or teen boy to sit down and read a book for fun. Not to over-generalize of course, there are always exceptions.

My family is the perfect example of this possible trend: my husband reads approximately one book per year and my ten-year-old son reads maybe 6-10 books per year, including books he has to read for school and graphic novels. As for the females in my family: I read about two books per week on average, and my two daughters read probably 3 or 4 books each per week.

But why is this? You might guess that books can’t compete with video games, but my husband doesn’t even play video games (although yes, my son certainly does). My girls and I also love video games!

Does it even matter if guys just don’t feel like reading? Maybe not, but I’m so passionate about books and reading, of course I want to share it with everyone. So how can we get more boys interested in delving into a good book?

Consider the following young adult (YA) book covers. These are pretty typical of what greets you when you walk into the YA section of any book store.

I’m not saying all the covers in the YA section look like this, but let’s face it, a lot of them do. These are obviously meant to appeal to girls (and women). Also, you’ll find most of the main characters within these books are female. So here’s the next question: are most of the books in the YA section meant to appeal to girls because they’re the ones doing all the reading or is the reason guys aren’t reading more because hardly any of the books are marketed towards them? I’m guessing it might be a bit of both.

I could be way off base here, but my intention with my latest book, Welcome to the Darkness (which comes out in August 2013), was to appeal to both sexes equally. Firstly, the main character is a guy. I believe this might help boys to identify with the story more easily , yet girls still enjoy books with male main characters, like Harry Potter for example. Secondly, my novel is packed with action and adventure; there’s no sitting around trying to figure out what to wear on prom night in my book. There’s also no girl in a flowing dress staring off into the pastel-coloured distance on the cover. And my author name is L. M. Justus, which if you don’t know me, prevents you from knowing whether I’m male or female and thereby instilling preconceived notions about male or female authors.

So, who knows, maybe this method won’t work, but I’d be so thrilled if I found out I’d engaged even one reluctant reader with my writing. I know I can’t please everyone, which will become clear once I get my first set of one and two star reviews. The only way to avoid the poor reviews is to not get any reviews at all, which would be even worse! I think the whole negative review thing is a topic for another post though.

Happy reading everyone!