So you’ve started submitting queries to agents and/or publishers – congratulations! You’re ready for the next step. Unfortunately, I know what comes next . . . that’s right, the dreaded “R” word. Rejections.

Okay, you were probably expecting a few rejections, in fact, maybe you feel like a “real” writer now that you have a few official rejections under your belt. No big deal, everyone knows all of the world’s most famous and successful authors received loads of rejections too.

Wait a minute, now you’ve received more than just a small handful of rejections and not one little nibble of interest. The rejection letters are piling up and it’s starting to hurt. Your dream of getting your book published is going down the toilet. Now what?


I’m afraid there’s no magic answer – rejection is a part of life, not just in trying to get a book published. There are some things I’ve learned to help deal with the feelings of disappointment though, so I thought I’d share them with you.

  1. Know that you are definitely not alone. You can talk to any writer who’s ever submitted anything because they’ll understand exactly what you’re going through.
  2. The proof you’re not alone: there are a ton of other articles and blog posts out there dealing with the issue of rejection because it IS such a common thing. Here are three posts I read and appreciated:
  3. It’s okay to feel disappointed – you don’t have to hide it. Allow yourself to feel disappointed for a while, then move on. Come up with a Plan B. Self-publishing, for example, is an excellent Plan B. It’s such a great option these days it’s often an author’s Plan A.
  4.  Instead of crawling into a corner to wallow in self-pity while listening to Adele’s “Someone Like You,” listen to some high-energy, uplifting music! Try Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” or “Catch My Breath.”
  5. Don’t forget, it’s not personal – agents and publishers are not rejecting YOU the person. They need to feel pretty confident they’ll be able to sell millions of copies of your book, and they’re just guessing – they don’t KNOW for sure if your book will be the next big thing or not.
  6. Remember, the only way to guarantee your book won’t get published is to not even bother trying. Sure, you risk rejection by trying, but isn’t it worth fighting for?


Best of luck to all you writers out there. Try to stay positive and continue following your dreams!